miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

Jaldaboath (United Kingdom) - The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts

Genere: Black Metal/Folk !!!!
Year: 2010
Lyrics: Inspired in the Knigth Templars/Medieval Themes

1-Hark The Herald
2-Calling On All Heraldic Beasts
3-Bash The Bishop
4-Seek The Grail
5-Axe Wielding Nuns
7-Bring Me The Head Of Metatron
8-Jacque De Molay
9-March to Calvary
10-Da Vinci's Code (Bonus Track)

viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Mayhem - Morbid (Norway) - A Tribute To The Black Emperors

Genere: Black Metal!!!!
Year: 1987

1-My Dark Subconscious(Morbid)
2-Winds Of Funera(Morbid)
3-From The Dark(Morbid)
4-Disgusting Semla(Morbid)
5-The Freezing Moon(Mayhem)
7-Funeral Fog(Mayhem)

lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Kadath (Mex)- The Eternal Desert of Ice (Demo-tape)

Genere: Death Doom Metal!!!
Year: 1997
1.- thief of dreams
2.- invocation
3.- serenes
4.- therefore
5.- intro
6.- akhakharu
7.- the wolf
8 - the goddess

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Insidious Omen (Canada)- Anointed with the Blood of Chaos

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Lyrical theme(s): Occult, Chaos, Dark Spiritual Revolution, Death
Year: 2010
1.-Serpents Gate (Thus Malkuth be Reborn)
2.-Feasting at the trough of lies
3.-Through stone and steel the flesh speaks deceit

Band Website:* http://insidious-omen.blogspot.com/

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Long Winters' Stare [USA] - The Tears of Odin's Fallen

Genere: Symphonic Experimental Dark Metal
Year: 2000
Lyrics: Forgotten Heroes of the Scandinavian Mythology

1-In the Hall of Odin
2-Blood of Steel
3-Blood of My Fathers
5-In Arms
6-The Last Call
7-The Unknown God

Typhus [USA] - Profound Blasphemous Proclamation

Genere: Black Metal!!!!
Year: 2005
Lyrics: Blasphemy

1-Perverse Angelic Masturbation Ejaculation
2-Coprophagic Communion Upon The Holy Alter
3-Anal Rape Of The Virgin Mary
4-Typhus Shits In The Mouth Of Christ
5-Black Cum Upon The Faces Of Angels
6-Profound Blasphemous Proclamation
7-Ritual Semen Sacrament
8-Satanic Goat Fuck Lust
9-Your Savior Caught Drinking The Piss Of The Apostles

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Warage [France] - Black Metal War

Genere: Black Metal!!!!
Year: 2006
Lyrics: War, Elitism

1- Black Metal War
2- Reich
3- Revolution
4- Genocide
5- Purifier par le feu
6- Aropsaid
7- Cenotaphe
8- Eternal Winter
9- Metrocosmopolis
10- Stone of Dark Land