sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Abazagorath [USA]- Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Year: 1997
01- calling the spirit of the dea
02- for all eternity
03- the chaos that crawls beyond the stars
04- bestial moans
05- the wolves of armageddon
06- ghosts of the moonlight mist
07- the october storms
08- tenebrarum cadent exsurgemus
09- les fleurs du mal
10- rites of the black herald
11- night of the cloven hoof (prologue)
12- the gates to the spirit kingdom
13- void of satanic darkness (outro)

viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

Ensemble Lucidarium [several countries]-Troubadours & Minnesänger

Genere: Medieval Renaissance Music!!!
Year: 1998
01 En chantan m'aven a membrar
02 Molt me mervoil de ma dame et de moi
03 Der Reichston
04 Sitot me sui a tart aperceubutz
05 Mit sange wände ich mïne Sorge krenken
06 Gewan Ich ze Minnen
07 Tant m'abelli l'amoros pessamens
08 Nun Ist Niht Mere Min Gedinge
09 Pos tornatz sui en Proensa
10 Puis que en moi a recouvré seignorie
11 Ohne Titel
12 Winter Auf der Heide
13 Aspislied
14 En consirier et en esmai
15 O hoher unde starker almehtiger Got

16 Robert veez de Perron
17 Touz esforciez avrai chanté souvent
18 Pista 18 (bonus track)

Nehemah [France]- Requiem Tenebrae

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Year: 2004
01 - creeping chaos
02 - the great old ones
03 - dead but dreaming in the eternal icy waste
04 - the elder gods awakening
05 - in the mists of orions sword
06 - taken away by the torn black shroud
07 - conscience in evil
08 - through the dark nebul

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Frostgrave [Israel]- Hymn of the Dead

Genere: Black Metal!!!
01 Frost
02 Frost
03 Funeral Frost
04 Light of Hate

05 Hell Worker
06 Black Metal And End

07 The Soulless Emptiness Is My Kingdom

Paragon Belial [Germany] - Nosferathu Sathanis

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Year: 2008
01-nosferathu sathanis
02-666 calling of the dead
04-horus- aggressor (hellhammer cover)
06-solemnize me
09-belial black metal unite and strong

sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009

Las Cruzadas parte II.

Genere: Documental [Medieval]
Year: 2005
Second part of four of this interestig series of History Channel. [ it's spocken in spanish]

L'Ordre Du Temple & Ringwraith & Teuta [Italy]- Tripudium [SPLIT]

Genere: Black Medieval Metal!!!
01. Mots D'un Hйrйtique
02. What Magic Is, What Are the Parts Thereof, and How the Professors Thereof Must Be Qualified
03. In Lode De L'asino
04. Libellus Veneris Nigro Sacer
05. Queen of the Storms
06. Witches Woods (L'inquisizione A Triora)
07. Ringwraiths
08. Wood's Spirit
09. Nebbia
10. Heathen Blood
11. Il Canto Dei Mille Fuochi

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Cenotaph [Mexico]- Riding Our Black Oceans

Genere: Death Metal!!!
Year: re-ed 1999
01 The Solitudes
02 Severance
03 Grief To Obscuro
04 Macabre Locus Celesta
05 Among The Abrupt Death
06 Infinitum Valet
07 The Silence of Our Black Oceans
08 Sould Profundis
09 Ectasia Tenebrae

miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

Frostland [Germany]- Zwielicht

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Year: 2008
01- im fahlem mondlicht
02- im zwielicht zweier welten
03- transzendenz der realitaet
04- lost wisdom

martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

Horna & Musta Surma [Finland] - Vihan Vuodet (Split)

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Year: 2005
01 - Noidanloitsu- Horna
02 - Uhrivalkea- Horna
03 - Hel- Horna
04 - Praconium- Horna
05 - Surun Ikuistama Henki- Horna
06 - Varjoissa- Horna
07 - Kuolonmyrsky- Musta Surma
08 - Miekka ja Krusifiksi- Musta Surma
09 - Kristuksen Veri Maljoissamme- Musta Surma
10 - Pedon Uneen- Musta Surma
11 - Usvan Lapset- Musta Surma
12 - Pirunsaarna- Musta Surma

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

Behexen [Finland]- Rituale Satanum

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Year: 2000
02-sota valon jumalaa vastaan
03-night of the blasphemy
04-christ forever die
05-towards the father
06-saatanan varjon synkkyydessae
07-baphomets call
08-the flames of blasphemer
09-blessed be the darkness
10-rituale satanum

Las Cruzadas parte I

Genere: Documental
Year: [2005?]
The first part of four of this interesting series of History Channel. (it is spoken in Spanish)

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

Beelzeb [Spain]- Misanthrope's Aurora

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Year: 2004
01. Mislaid in the Weid Labyrinth of mirrors
02. Stalamate's Revival
03. Tacitum
05. Black Botomless Lakelet
06. Misanthrope's Aurora

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

L'Ordre du Temple (Italy)- In Hoc Signo Vinces

Genere: Black Medieval Metal!!!
Year: 2007
1. Sancta sanctorum
2. Nine Shadows Behind The Temple
3. Waiting for a God's Sign
4. Et In Arcadia Ego
5. The Knight's Dream
6. What Magic is, What are the parths thereof, and how the Professors thereof must be Qualified (Haeretica Trilogia)
7. In Lode De L'Asino (Haeretica Trilogia)
8. Libellus Veneris Nigro sacer (Haeretica Trilogia)

Beherit [Finland]- The Oath of Black Blood

Genere: Black Metal !!!
Year: 1991
01. Metal of Death + The Oath of Black Blood
02. Grave Desecration
03. Witchcraft
04. Goatworship
05. Demonomancy
06. Black Mass Prayer-Beast of Damnation
07. Beast (Outro)
08. Hail Sathanas
09. Dawn of Satans Millenium
10. Outro

Old Forest [UK]- Into The Old Forest

Genere: Black Metal!!!
Year: 1999
1. Grond (hammer Of the Underworld)
2. Death In The Cemetary
3. To Haunt The Old Forest
4. Hymn of the Deep
5. Glistening...
6. Where Trees Are Withered
7. Shadows Whispers
8. Become The Gods Of War

miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009

Cryfemal [Spain]- Apoteosis Oculta

Genere: Black Depressive Metal!!!
Year: 2007
1. Terribles Diciplinas
2. El Tormento de Cesar el Ahorcado
3. Black Metal II
4. Abominable Desolacion
5. Grandiosas Ordenes
6. La Muerte Podrida
7. Obito & Duelo

Cryfemal [Spain]- Escucha... La Muerte Persigue

Genere: Black Depressive Metal!!!
Year: 2002
1. Paseo Entre Tumbas
2. Llamada A Los Muertos Que vigilan
3. Morireis Todos (Los Cementerios Atraen)
4. Escucha... La Muerte Persigue!!

Cryfemal [Spain]- Fuck You God!!! [DEMO]

Genere: Black Depressive Metal!!!
Year: 2000
1.Intro, Reddar tenebris
2.Direccion la Muerte (Locura en las Alturas)
4.He Escondido eEl Cadáver (Puñaladas Ifinitas)
5.Outrro, Forgotten Spells
6.hate To The Cross (The Scape Of Angeles)